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Just Walk. Talk. Record.

Jobsite Insight


The IntelliSpeX jobsite execution tool connects you and your team to provide the insights you need to capture lost profits
due to scheduling issues, change orders, and cost overruns.

6 Powerful Product Components

Evidence of performance

Evidence of Performance

Undisputed documentation of what is getting accomplished at each jobsite with time stamped inspection reports, photos, videos, forms and more.

virtual presence

Virtual Presence

Realtime verification of who is on the jobsite, when they arrived, how long they were there, when they left and what they accomplished.

Smart teamwork

Smart Teamwork

Optimize remote team communication and coordination, reduce downtime and work more efficiently.

reports and analysis

Reporting & Analysis

Get real-time data access, create instant reports and invoices from the office or jobsite and fill in the gaps.

management console

Console & Dashboard

Your command and control center to easily manage all of your projects, jobsites and crew.

mobile app

Mobile App

Field workers just point and click or snap a photo to input data. Supports Android, Apple iOS and most web browsers.

"IntelliSpeX jobsite execution tool-generated documentation was the most accurate and the first to be paid."

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Virtual Presence℠

In just 4 hours, large teams were trained and using IntelliSpeX to assess and repair Columbia Gas lines in 120 homes per day, finishing a projected 6 month job in only 6 weeks. 

Evidence of Performance℠

Columbia Gas was faced with ruptured gas lines affecting over 8000 Massachusetts homes. Subcontractor WGP was on the hook to restore 1200 of these homes and chose Intellispex to help them deliver. Within four hours, the team was trained and live using our Worksite Execution Tool, allowing them to complete assessments of 120 homes per day and finishing their allocation of homes within 45 days. Deloitte, as the management firm of this project, cited WGP as the most accurate data and complete documentation, allowing them to be paid significantly faster than any other contractor. This team of 1000 completed tens of millions of dollars of work in just six weeks due to Intellispex’s Evidence of Performance.

"IntelliSpeX-generated documentation was the most accurate and the first to be paid."

"We avoid trips and travel costs every month."

Virtual Presence℠

Strategic Satellite Incorporated (SSI) management saved time and money cutting site visits across a 450-mile territory while maintaining clear communication with on-the-ground teams.

Virtual Presence℠

Strategic Satellite Incorporated (SSI) provides operation support to US Military bases including maintenance, janitorial staff and grounds care. Supervision and documentation often required expensive and time consuming visits to the various sites that covered a 450-mile territory. With IntelliSpeX Virtual Presence, they’ve been able to slash those trips while communicating seamlessly with their on-the-ground teams, substantially reducing their operating costs.

"We avoid trips and travel costs every month."

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Cody Clark

"These reports are hundreds of pages and we can’t organize them. IntelliSpeX changes this."

Smart TeamWork

HVAC, Inc. slashed a painful 5-day process of documenting projects, annotating photos, and producing reports to as little as 2 days, saving time, cutting waste and creating better reports for payment.

Smart TeamWork

Prior to IntelliSpeX, HVAC, Inc., a maintenance/installation firm, used to spend up to five days in the field documenting projects, annotating photos back at the office and finally producing reports for payment. Now they are able to take photo documentation in the field, annotate on the spot and generate their required reports in as little as 2 days. Not only does this save time and create better reports, but it provides a clearer picture of the process for the team for quality improvement.

"These reports are hundreds of pages and we can’t organize them. IntelliSpeX changes this."







What Customers Are Saying About IntelliSpeX

Mike Urtnowski loves IntelliSpeX jobsite execution tools

Mike Urtnowski

Institute for Building Technology and Safety

When I showed the client what we could do with IntelliSpeX, I not only got the work I was bidding on, but was written in as a requirement to the contract as well.

Torrey LeBlanc uses IntelliSpeX jobsite execution tools

Torrey LeBlanc

Master Plumber, North Carolina

The availability of reliable and relevant information made possible by the IntelliSpeX Management Console, allowed me to make actionable decisions on multiple assessments in the field -- Others just can't compete.

Tim Tucker praises IntelliSpeX jobsite execution tools

Tim Tucker


IntelliSpeX can quickly lead to a positive impact to your bottom line by improving the efficiency of your business.

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