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"IntelliSpeX can quickly lead to a positive impact to your bottom line by improving the efficiency of your business"

Rapidly Deployable Real-Time Virtual Collaboration Insightful Workforce Management Cuts Waste Enhances Worksite Safety Easy to Use

Tim Tucker CBO, SME

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The Solution to
Time and Workforce Management :

IntelliSpeX: GIS based on-site
time management
features provide:
Tamper proof time records Faster payment due to irrefutable time-
Notification of contractor's and staff's
expected arrival
Notification of on-time and late arrivals Irrefutable workforce accountability


On the cover of
Construction Tech Review
"Today, IntelliSpeX is evolving
into a partner of choice for most of the construction and disaster response firms in New York, New Orleans, San Antonio and Washington, D.C."
-Construction Tech Review Read the full article


"IntelliSpeX has cut down on my inspection time by 30% and allowed me to... collaborate virtually and document my work on the fly."
-Matt Wolff, Civil Engineer
"A small initial investment in IntelliSpeX can quickly lead to a positive impact to your bottom line, and lead to considerable expenditure decreases by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your business."
- Tim Tucker, CBO/SME
"I love the brutal efficiency that IntelliSpeX uses to move data from the field."
- Chris Reade, President at
"The availability of reliable and relevant information made possible by IntelliSpeX allowed me to make actionable decisions in the field."
- Torrey LeBlanc, Master Plumber, NC