The Management Team

Blake Ratcliff

VP Client Success and Technology

Scott Kushino

Chief Revenue Officer

Charity Muñoz

Director, Customer Success

Jonathan Harber


Blake Ratcliff has decades of technology and construction experience including leadership roles at Companies like the Institute of Building Technology and Safety where he grew a $350,000 short term disaster recovery project into a $20 million annual business, at US Inspect where he oversaw the largest home inspection company in the U.S., China Wireless building a broadband wireless ring in Beijing, and other startups and fortune 500 Companies prior to that.

Blake is the inventor of IntelliSpeX’s unique patent pending virtual presence and evidence of performance technology — an idea conceived to solve the construction industry’s vexing productivity and time management challenges that costs $1.6 trillion annually.

Blake is an expert in disaster construction, multifamily rehabilitation, and has relationships in many of the largest engineering firms. He has served in the military or worked in startups all around the Pacific rim. At General Electric, Blake ran the team that produced the first completely digital map created in 1992 and he has the map to prove it.

Blake is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, former US Naval Academy Class President, and father of 4. Blake resides in the Washington, DC area.