The Management Team

Blake Ratcliff

VP Client Success and Technology

Scott Kushino

Chief Revenue Officer

Charity Muñoz

Director, Customer Success

Jonathan Harber


Charity’s 28+ years as a client advocate and success leader is built on decades as a mathematics teacher, the leadership experience and discipline of a Naval officer, the regimen as a department head at the Marine Military Academy, and the online marketing and support experience she gained serving Career Confidential’s online marketing and sales effort. At Career Confidential, Charity helped bring 250,000 new consumers into the company’s database every quarter and served up webinars multiple times weekly to thousands of clients. Charity is a veteran of IntelliSpeX’s success recovering thousands of homes’ gas services for Columbia Gas and WPG after the Merrimack Valley disaster in Fall 2018.

Charity spends her free time helping her father, improving her yard, participating in 5Ks and weight training.

Charity lives on a cattle ranch miles from the nearest town in Paden, OK where she was born and raised. She is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a Master’s degree in Library Science and received her Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University.