July 13

Construction Mobile GPS Solutions: Cautionary Guidance

Several construction technology solutions are integrating the use of Geospatial Positioning System (GPS) capabilities into their solution offerings.  GPS systems have significantly changed how businesses operate and the construction marketplace is rapidly following suit.  However, the realities associated with GPS integration are challenging; be wary of claims that seem too good to be true. Construction apps that profess to automatically and accurately place photos on the construction site map deserve careful attention.  Achieving this level of accuracy requires a deep understanding of GPS satellite constellation, the use limitations, and the necessary technology augmentation to reliably deliver anticipated results.

At IntelliSpeX, we leverage our team’s extensive GPS experience to provide a tool that maximizes the greatest level of available location accuracy.  We understand how the mobile device is registered with the GPS satellites, the accuracy created as more satellites are registered, and the issues with registering satellites while within structures.  The level of accuracy degrades with declining numbers of registered satellites.  As a result, it is critical for the app to adequately address the inaccuracies associated with building structures, terrain issues and the number of registered satellites.  Resolving these challenges requires an understanding of the mathematics of GPS coordinates, the services provided by the satellite constellations, and the technology augmentation required.  The IntelliSpeX team has that understanding.

What is the bottom line for construction firms considering GPS solutions?  GPS accuracy provided through smartphone receivers typically range between 5-15 meters with good satellite registration. Be cautious of companies that appear to overstate the level of precision that one can expect, especially when foretelling high levels of accuracy within buildings.

About IntelliSpeX:

IntelliSpeX provides a SaaS and mobile app solution that is field-validated with over 5,000 site visits in the United States and Puerto Rico.  IntelliSpeX users cite benefits including ease of use for personnel regardless of technology background, rapid familiarization and deployment cycle, efficient data capture, and total cost of ownership.  These benefits result in better safety and security, improved management visibility and collaboration, and meaningful gains in waste reduction. Remarkable outcomes are achieved via reduced times to process change orders and information requests.

IntelliSpeX is a Delaware corporation founded in 2015.  The company provides patent-pending productivity technology to support the construction and disaster recovery industries.

Learn more about IntelliSpeX and how our solution helps organizations control budgets, slash costs, and improve decision-making activities:

How IntelliSpeX Works

Online Demo for Construction Management 

IntelliSpeX Customer Reviews


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