August 30

Let’s Talk About the Biggest Problems in Construction

Did you know that construction has one of the highest suicide rates of any occupation? It’s one of the most stressful jobs to be in. The work itself is dangerous. Jobsite accidents can turn into long-term health issues. We’re looking at labor shortages. Younger people aren’t choosing construction as a career. Projects are getting more complex, and materials are getting more expensive. Profit margins are getting smaller, and everyone wants us to speed up the work.

Some of us are using technology to help, but it’s patchy. Multiple subcontractors all use different software, and they’re not using what the GC is using. So communication and organization suffer.

These are the issues I’ve seen from working in construction and disaster recovery, managing people and complex projects for years.

It’s Time to Solve the Problems in Construction

One of the ways I’m working to solve these issues is by creating IntelliSpeX. It’s a jobsite technology app that flattens communication and corrals everything that happens on the jobsite in one place. It’s easy for anyone to use, works with other systems. We’re seeing incredible results all over the country. Our users say that it’s solving problems and cutting a lot of stress.

I’m also looking for input from other people in construction. Who better to talk about problems and hammer out solutions than you? We need to solve these big problems and to do that, we need to talk about them.

You’re Invited – We Want Your Input

problems in construction

Construction Technology Discussion – Zoom Call hosted by IntelliSpeX

To talk about construction industry problems, labor issues, technology, communication and trends.


As a Naval Academy graduate and Marine Corps veteran, I know that many vets end up transitioning to the construction industry. I’ve gathered a strong team of long-time friends and classmates, with representatives from Navy, Army, and the Air Force. Part of the discussion will be about the impact of vets in construction.

Register for the call here. We look forward to speaking with you.



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  1. There are a lot of problems which can occur in construction but the first problem is the design If your design is not good enough or have problems then problems start in the beginning.

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