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What the AGC Says About Communication on the Construction Jobsite

What does the AGC (Association of General Contractors) say about the importance of communication on the construction jobsite? Good communication improves the quality and profitability of your projects—which has a positive effect on your business’s bottom line.

(See Better Construction Communication Means Higher Profits)

Just like in any industry, best practices matter. In a survey of hundreds of respondents, they rated their projects based on quality and profitability.

It turns out that when you compare best projects vs typical projects, there are clear operational winners—and communication is a big one.

Better communication identifies problems faster

When they compared best projects vs typical projects, they found that the best projects held regular team meetings focused on reporting out issue identification. 

communication on the construction jobsite

Slide source:  The breakout session The Business Case for Lean:  Improving Operational Excellence at the 2021 Construction Association Convention.

How does that help?

Regular communication and information exchange identifies problems while they’re (hopefully) still small enough to fix with less effort. That saves time, money, and expensive rework (52% of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication).  

Think about the last problem you had on a jobsite because someone wasn’t told something they needed to know. Did you have to rework something? Did someone get hurt? Did you have to wade in and settle a dispute?

Clear and frequent communication matters.

Best projects have timely communication

The survey also showed that the best projects were much more likely (by a lot) to report that communication was always on time. 

communication on the construction jobsite

Slide source:  The breakout session The Business Case for Lean:  Improving Operational Excellence at the 2021 Construction Association Convention.

Why does timely communication matter so much? 

One of the most important reasons on-time communication matters is that it keeps work delays to a minimum. Requests for Information (RFIs), change orders, late inspections, and material or equipment issues can all result in long, costly delays. When workers can get jobsite questions answered or get problems addressed quickly, the work can keep going without anyone standing around waiting. 

On-time communication can also prevent rework, mistakes, and accidents.

When you can get jobsite questions or issues answered quickly, you’re more productive. You don’t get frustrated and stressed out waiting. Everything runs more smoothly. Not only do you get a stronger, more efficient jobsite, you get a calmer, less stressful one, too.

How can you improve communication at your jobsite?

Simplify and Standardize Your Communication Method

On every individual project, how many emails, texts, phone calls, and messages are you juggling with laborers, contractors, project managers, engineers, city officials, material suppliers, and everyone else? That kind of chaos blocks clarity and effectiveness. Progress slows to a crawl, or stops. 

If you can standardize your communication methods, you get clarity and consistency—and a lot less stress.

To simplify communication, we built IntelliSpeX with the ability to add video to every project. Anyone on site can just walk, talk, and record wherever they are. In just 3 clicks, the entire team can see and know what’s happening. It’s easier for the person taking the video to explain the situation, and it’s clear for the receiver to understand.

Document Everything

Another great communication tip is to document and record all communication on a project. Having a record of everything that’s happened shuts down a lot of issues. Anyone can go back to the record to clarify understanding. The team can solve problems faster because they have all the information in one spot. Disputes can be resolved faster because there’s a clear record.

Use Construction Technology

The right software can give you huge advantages in jobsite communication.

According to Raken, most construction companies haven’t invested the time or money into real software that could help. They’ve stuck to paper documents, spreadsheets, phone calls, texts, and emails to communicate. However, they also report that almost 77% of companies who invest in the right construction technology for their company say it gives them a strategic advantage.

Clear Communication with IntelliSpeX

IntelliSpeX flattens communication at the jobsite. That means that everyone on the team can exchange information quickly and easily. GC staff, trades, specialty contractors, and the design team can all instantly know what’s happening and provide support. (See our quick online demo.)

When you improve construction site communication, your team works better. They solve problems faster, make fewer mistakes, and get projects done on time. Our customers tell us they’re seeing amazing results.

We’d love to walk you through how IntelliSpeX can improve communication at your job site. Give us a call or message us today



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