November 18

See Your Jobsite, Even When You Can’t Be Onsite.

IntelliSpeX allows John's team to be out onsite, while he can stay back at the office.  He can check in on who is onsite, touch base with his team, and never worry about another missed interaction toward project completion. 

Using the IntelliSpeX app on his phone, Joe walked… talked… and recorded, explaining to Charlie and Ronnie what needed to be resolved before work onsite could move forward.

Resolving the potential RFI at the school only tells the jobsite part of the story. Let’s take a look at the IntelliSpeX management view of this event, back at the office.

Because IntelliSpeX delivers jobsite communication, collaboration, and capture, our project controller - John, has a powerful view of this entire event.

John is aware a potential delay has developed and knows that Joe’s in touch with Ronnie the engineer. He can see the conditions and understand the exchange.

He can weigh in if needed. But in a few short minutes, the drawing is clarified and the RFI is resolved.

Without leaving his desk, making a phone call, or even sending a text, John has full understanding of the entire exchange AND a clear record of it. He knows where the team spent time on site, and how much time it took to deal with this issue. John has confidence in all the information captured because of IntelliSpeX location, time, and source stamps.

With IntelliSpeX jobsite communication, they avoided a significant delay, boosted team accountability, and ensured a complete and accurate drawing for his client.

No emails, text, calls, notes, mistakes, delays, or stress.

IntelliSpeX is the jobsite communication, collaboration, and capture tool that delivers clarity, accountability, credibility, and results.


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