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Capture lost profit from construction site labor issues, work delays and project economics.

Labor Issues

Today’s construction industry is beset by labor issues: excessive costs, not enough highly skilled workers, expensive rework, too much time waiting by general staff, and even false labor charges. It all drives down profit rates and delays project schedules.

But what would happen with all of those issues if you could capture actual labor at the worksite and boost the visibility of your employee and contractor staff? Estimates are that this could increase project profits 80% or more. Could you drive up your profits? Could you submit more accurate competitive bids? Would your teams produce more work?

What if you targeted just a 10% improvement for your general contracting firm? Would a 10% reduction in your bid cost improve your win rate? Would 10% more profit give you the safety margin and operating capital to do more work? For a $50 million firm, this could mean $500,000 in additional profit. For a $5,000,000 project, this could mean $50,000 more profit. The reality is, with ironclad accountability over labor and visibility, you might achieve even more.

Schedule Issues

On average, large construction projects exceed schedule by 20%. But what if you could prevent lost time waiting for SME’s, tools, supplies, or equipment, or even just accelerate decisions? You would eliminate those delays that drive up costs and burn overhead, and significantly improve project economics.

With overhead costs typically at 10%, the industry needs the means to: 1) reduce Requests of Information (RFIs), 2) accelerate answers to RFIs, 3) coordinate and mitigate change order volume and impact, and 4) eliminate progress constraints like late arrival of equipment or compliance inspections.

Imagine how your construction project would be different if you could reach those goals. With Virtual PresenceSM technology, you can.

How IntelliSpeX Benefits Your Construction Projects

IntelliSpeX delivers a live GPS view of staff on site with an automatic log of their hours. That means that you can work with your teams as if you were at the job site with them.

IntelliSpeX produces irrefutable evidence of performance, capturing all changes to audit logs, tagging forms, photos, videos, and all media with time and date, location, user and other descriptors. It guarantees compliance and speeds up the billing process.

With IntelliSpeX, you can deploy mobile users in minutes. New users can easily and completely learn how to use this tool within hours. It is the most deployable enterprise solution in construction.

With IntelliSpeX Virtual PresenceSM, stakeholders, owners, managers, inspectors, and engineers can understand site conditions, allowing instant decision-making, remote feedback on quality and process, and more. You could stop unnecessary change orders in their tracks, watch requests for information (RFIs) evaporate, and close with often instant responses.

Improve Labor Efficiency

  • Make faster decisions with a live map view of your jobsite
  • Stop labor abuses
  • Reduce labor costs with smarter deployment
  • Keep high-value staff on high-value work
  • Move reports/forms to administrative staff
  • Cut windshield time with Virtual Presence
  • Drive up billable activities

Reduce Work Delays

  • Connect your entire team in real time
  • See a storyboard view of site conditions
  • Address issues faster with anyone on site
  • Resolve change orders in minutes
  • Answer questions without a formal RFI
  • Make better-informed plan changes
  • Reduce timelines by 60% - 95%

Get Paid Faster

  • Get automatic time/date stamps on forms, pictures, videos
  • Work progress automatically tied to job cost codes
  • Simplify earned revenue reports
  • Process construction loan draws faster
  • Faster owner payments for work in progress

Construction Management Software Reviews

Check out IntelliSpeX and our unbiased reviews of leading construction management software for jobsite execution and project management.

Change Orders in Construction

Change orders can be one of the biggest drains on profits and profitable business in construction. Please visit often to read our continuing article series on improving change order management, stopping profit drain, and boosting your bottom line.

See How IntelliSpeX Can Improve YOUR Results

Are you ready to drive up your profits, solve your labor issues, and save time on every job site? Talk to the IntelliSpeX Team about how you can use our job site execution tool for Virtual PresenceSM and Evidence of PerformanceSM like never before.

The Changing State of Construction Management - How to Survive and Thrive

Construction is an industry in disruption. Over the next decade, the industry will digitize, eliminating hundreds of billions in waste and capturing hundreds of billions in new productivity. Margins for surviving companies are expected to more than double.

To do this, the industry must take on some immense worksite execution problems—because worksites are where 80% of project spending occurs. The ripest opportunities include:

  1. Change orders, rework, and wait time

    Change orders and rework account for up to 20% of project costs. Wait time is estimated as high as 35% of site labor costs. Because of these issues, cutting the time and improving the quality of change order development and execution, cutting Requests for Information (RFIs), accelerating plan changes, and slashing wait times for inspections, engineering reviews, etc., can make a big difference.

See IntelliSpeX In Action

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