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Construction Management Software Review: Procore and IntelliSpeX

IntelliSpeX Plus Procore is a Complete Construction Management Solution

When it comes to construction management software, Procore is good—and so is IntelliSpeX. Which one’s a better fit for your business? Maybe it’s both. 

What are the differences between Procore and IntelliSpeX? How can they work together?

What Procore Offers

Procore delivers a lot of helpful features for construction management:

  • Daily Activity Log
  • RFI Management
  • Change Order Management
  • Punch List Management
  • Jobsite Data Documentation 
  • Employee Time Card
  • Team Collaboration

IntelliSpeX Key Features that Enhance Procore for Users


IntelliSpeX Strengths

  • Automatic Daily Activity Log – No Manual Entry Needed
  • Reduced Need for Formal RFIs – Saves Time and Paperwork
  • Capture More Potential Change Orders
  • Jobsite Documentation Photos Automatically Stored in Project Event –  Includes Video


Daily Activity Log

We all need to know which workers were on site and for how long. 

To keep a daily activity log with Procore, someone has to gather that information and manually enter it into the system. Still, it’s in the system where we need it. It’s not written in someone’s log book or just mentally checked off by the site manager.

However, when workers have the IntelliSpeX app on their phones, the date and time they’re on site is automatically entered into the system. No extra step needed. It captures who’s there, where they go on site and for how long. That information gets logged into the system when they arrive on site. 

The IntelliSpeX management console workforce viewer shows who’s on site at the current time. That means that you know what’s happening at the site. You can find anyone you need at a glance.  

This is a bigger deal than you might think. When you’re keeping a manual activity log, everyone who steps on site should check in with the supervisor, who enters it into the log.  Often it’s the foreman who tells the supervisor how many workers are on site. The supervisor might enter them all into the system as working 8 hours. But that misses some workers who might have taken a 2-hour lunch or wandered off-site for other reasons. An automatic capture of jobsite worker location stops that problem in its tracks. 

RFI (Request for Information) Reduction

How many RFIs does your jobsite see in a day? 

Procore offers a structured, formal, repeatable process with their RFIs with a template ready to go. How does it work? The completed RFI goes to the person selected in the Distribution List. The selected people get notified about the RFI through email. The email contains a link that leads back to the RFI. If you need to go into the drawings, you can highlight the part that you need, make your clarifications or changes, and make another RFI. They can see it in the field, compare it to the drawings they’re looking at, and go. Problem solved. From the perspective of risk management, there’s value in this formal approach. Sometimes RFIs turn into change orders, with all those cost and schedule impacts. A formal RFI might be necessary in those situations. 

However, by using IntelliSpeX, you might not need so many formal RFIs. The RFI question and answer process is more direct and less formal—but still documented. 

Here’s how it works: If a jobsite worker has a question, they can enter a quick comment inside the project event to get an answer from the person they tag. The person gets an immediate notification rather than an email. 




Bonus: The person in the field can add a video that shows what the question is about and point to it so they can see the issue. With the notification, the question gets answered fast. 

No one has to stop and fill out a form. No one has to visit the site. You cut down on times when someone might just guess instead of stopping to fill out a form to ask.

IntelliSpeX flattens communication between everyone working on the project.


Intellispex doesn’t currently offer a ready-made RFI form. It does offer a way to create custom forms in the system as needed (although they’re not numbered). Custom form creation could be helpful if the Procore model doesn’t exactly fit your business. 

With that flexibility, you create the exact form you need. This one captures change orders (and profits) that may otherwise be lost. 


construction change orders


Capturing Potential Change Orders

With IntelliSpeX, everything that happens in a project can be captured in the same place. It’s organized so that it tells the story of what happened in that project event. All videos, pictures, comments, questions and answers are right there together, in context. 

Because everything is documented in the project event, anything that might evolve into an expensive change order is captured. Nothing happens on the fly that might get lost in the shuffle. 

construction management

Jobsite Documentation

construction jobsite documentation procore

One of the key differences in Procore and Intellispex is in photo organization.

Procore allows you to take jobsite photos, but you have to organize them into albums by project. Photos are not automatically tagged by where they were taken. Users can set the location, but many don’t take that extra step.  

IntelliSpeX automatically geo-tags, organizes and stores photos in the project you take the photos in. It saves time and steps, and provides stronger information for decision-makers and clear evidence in case of billing disputes.

In addition, IntelliSpeX is capable of taking videos within the project that are also time-stamped and geo-stamped so that you know when and where they were taken. Videos are a big time-saver in the field. It’s faster and easier to show and tell someone about issues than to write them out in detail on a form. It cuts down on confusion with drawing markups, too.

Procore IntelliSpeX Review

Photos and videos are stored in the project event according to when they were taken. It creates a clear timeline of the project with everything in context.

This kind of rich data capture flattens communication, prevents delays, and reduces RFIs. This cuts conflict and ultimately increases profit. It’s easier for everyone involved in the project to have input without the time and expense of getting everyone on site.  



Procore is a great construction management platform that does well with back-office organization and execution—documents, contracts, schedules, and so on. It gives a good dashboard look at where the project is. It’s not as great on site because it’s not as easy or as intuitive to use. Workers who are less technically adept or just in a hurry may not utilize it the way management needs.  

IntelliSpeX is a great construction management software tool for jobsite execution. It is especially easy to use, which makes training faster and easier even for the most tech-challenged workers. The time to get someone up and running on Procore can be several days to a week. IntelliSpeX has trained workers in the field to use it in 3-4 hours. 

Because of the project layout format, it automatically captures labor activity, project conditions and change order issues. 



Procore is very good for back-office administration in large companies. It offers structured, ready-made forms, logs, lists, and so on. Those are strong and can be really helpful. If you need that utility, Procore may be a good choice. 

IntelliSpeX is very good for field use in large or small companies. It takes less time to train workers to use it and it’s easier to use. If it’s important that you know exactly when and where workers are on site, that you capture lost profits due to change orders or rework, or that you speed up communication to finish the project faster, IntelliSpeX would be a good choice.

For a demonstration of how IntelliSpeX works, contact our team.



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