May 26

Construction Tech Review on IntelliSpeX Bringing Agility to Project Management

We’d like to thank Construction Tech Review for their article, IntelliSpeX: Bringing Agility to Project Management. It was a great discussion of the challenges facing the construction industry, and the solutions that IntelliSpeX offers.

As an industry, we need to look at how to:

  • keep up with faster growth
  • speed up project schedules and avoid huge cost overruns
  • streamline workflow with smart, easy-to-use digital systems
  • reduce expensive change orders, delays and rework
  • capture higher profits from what we’re already doing

The article covers how the IntelliSpeX tool helps users get the most out of existing resources and meet project deadlines faster. A great example is when New York’s “Build It Back” Superstorm Sandy recovery program used IntelliSpeX to restore and recover almost a year faster than first projected.

According to Construction Tech Review, IntelliSpeX is “poised to usher a momentous transformation in the construction project management solution landscape.”

Read the complete article here.



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