December 2

Increasing Construction Profit Margins is as Simple as Taking Pictures

What’s the one thing missing from your jobsite documentation? It can clarify communication better than any RFI, text, or email. It’s a camera. That’s what a great post from Construction Dive focused on (get it?) recently and we wanted to share the info with you because it is a fantastic way to boost your construction jobsite performance.  

Why do they say photos are such a great addition to your project records? Clarity and consistency.

A camera can show, for instance, weather conditions at the site. Someone might report that it was raining, but if you weren’t there, you don’t know if it was sprinkling or a downpour.

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. It might take a very long report to describe what a good picture (or five) could show.

And, will one person’s report or notes look the same as someone else’s—even when they’re describing the same situation? Probably not. An image literally shows the same picture to everyone—contractors, supervisors, engineers, owners, and investors. It eliminates confusion and provides a clear record.

Specifically, Construction Dive’s article talks about these benefits using a jobsite camera equipped with AI (artificial intelligence) that users can automate, recording custom time lapses, monitor safety and productivity, and more. An AI-assisted camera has a lot of advantages, including eliminating any human error in taking the right images at the right time. It can also send reports automatically and integrate with project management software, streamlining the work.

But even if your business isn’t ready for AI, using a jobsite camera can still be amazingly helpful in improving construction jobsite communication. And videos can be even better.

In a recent example of ours, one jobsite ran into a potential delay. The superintendent took a video of the issues and sent it to the project engineer, which helped them solve the problem in minutes and prevented the delay. No site visit required, which saved time and money.

Photos or videos help explain issues that help solve problems in less time, without a formal RFI if one isn’t needed. They can capture conditions that affect safety, scope of work and change orders. In case of disputes, it’s the evidence that everyone can trust, which can help if you’re forced to go to court.

Photo and video documentation provides an efficient, clear view of what’s happening onsite, from start to finish. It’s fast, easy, and it improves your construction jobsite performance.



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