October 4

Solving the Construction Labor Shortage in Your Business

The construction labor shortage isn’t looking good.

More than 80% of contractors say they’re having at least some difficulty finding skilled workers, and almost half of those say they’re having a lot of trouble. Labor challenges cause other issues: you end up stretching your current workers too thin and you can’t grow your business.

As a whole, the construction industry needs to fill hundreds of thousands of jobs—and that demand is only growing.

So how can you compete with other companies for a too-small pool of workers and fill YOUR jobs?

We have some thoughts on that. We’d like to share them with you in a free 30-minute webinar:

Solving the Construction Labor Challenge in the Age of Gen Z

Thursday – October 7 @ 12 NOON EST

With smarter, more strategic hiring practices, you can hire the workers you need.

Our presenter is Peggy McKee, a nationally-recognized recruiter, career coach, and expert in hiring and job searching, with years of experience in sales, management, and business growth. Peggy will be sharing how to:

  • Keep your best people so you don’t have to replace them
  • Attract high-quality skilled labor in larger numbers
  • Win the hiring process and keep skilled workers coming to you

Don’t miss this! You’ll hear some great hiring tips you can put into practice immediately.

Get more info and register here for this no-charge webinar.

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