How IntelliSpeX Works

6 Powerful Product Components

Evidence of performance

Evidence of Performance

Undisputed documentation of what is getting accomplished at each jobsite with time stamped inspection reports, photos, videos, forms and more.

virtual presence

Virtual Presence

Realtime verification of who is on the jobsite, when they arrived, how long they were there, when they left and what they accomplished.

Smart teamwork

Smart Teamwork

Optimize remote team communication and coordination, reduce downtime and work more efficiently.

reports and analysis

Reporting & Analysis

Get real-time data access, create instant reports and invoices from the office or jobsite and fill in the gaps.

management console

Console & Dashboard

Your command and control center to easily manage all of your projects, jobsites and crew.

mobile app

Mobile App

Field workers just point and click or snap a photo to input data. Supports Android, Apple iOS and most web browsers.

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