Since 2015, McKinsey & Company has highlighted the need for productivity tools to disrupt outdated processes, boost productivity, and slash waste.  This June, Construction Europe hosted a webinar with leaders from Skanska, McKinsey, and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, where they validated McKinsey’s conclusions based on real-world data.  IntelliSpeX has been in use since 2017, delivering results to users for numerous tasks, including:

  • Construction management oversight
  • Requests for Information development, response, and closure
  • Management and project management support activities
  • Training and feedback needs
  • Constraint and opportunity reporting to speed work
  • Inspection and inspector field-management

IntelliSpeX has demonstrated remarkable results in the field:

  1. In Texas following Hurricane Harvey, IntelliSpeX was used for field assessments, estimating, and scope completion support.  This project produced results: labor was reduced by 40%, time to scope a project was cut by 60%, and overall quality was improved.
  2. In New York City, IntelliSpeX was used during Superstorm Sandy reconstruction supporting drawing changes and RFIs.  Change orders were reduced 20% by resolving many issues without a formal RFI or drawing change.  Time to complete plan changes was reduced from three weeks to under 48 hours.  These improvements resulted in program completion in 12 months compared to the official projection of 24 months. 
  3. In Massachusetts, IntelliSpeX supported disaster recovery efforts from Columbia Gas’ overpressurization event. The tool allowed assessors to document 30% more sites-per-day than traditional means through virtual coordination and interaction between onsite resources and with remote program staff in construction trailers and city permitting offices.  As a result, 1,200+ homes were recovered by the team using IntelliSpeX in only 6 weeks; a 20+ week reduction from initial projected outcomes.

IntelliSpeX’s smartphone-based ease of implementation, storyboard data structure,  many-to-many connectivity, and simple user interface enabled contractors, employees, stakeholders and owners to collaborate with worksite personnel as if they were physically present.

Virtual Presence provides a platform for decision-making, feedback and action as if all parties were present at the time onsite.

Companies using IntelliSpeX should expect to:

  • Reduce time-to-delivery, travel and waiting losses
  • Assure data that prevents “overproduction” 
  • Slash costs of checking and verification because of the captured high quality, data-rich information.

Contact IntelliSpeX today for a demonstration of the easy-to-deploy worksite productivity and workforce management tool that’s been field-validated at more than 5,000 worksites in the United States. IntelliSpeX is a patent-pending, SaaS and mobile app worksite/workforce productivity tool available now on iOS and Android.

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