January 15

IntelliSpeX Launches V2 of Jobsite Execution Tool

IntelliSpeX is proud to announce that it has launched version 2.0 of its mobile application!   The construction management-focused app makes providing Evidence of Performance to stakeholders an intelligently organized yet user-friendly process.  Key talent, managers and stakeholders collaborate in real-time with on-site laborers to ensure maximization of labor productivity. The launch of version 2.0 means that virtually all constructions with a smartphone can use the app

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The IntelliSpeX mobile app has been field-validated with over 5,000 site visits in North America and Puerto Rico.  Users cite ease of use, enhanced safety and security, labor force-multiplication, improved management visibility and collaboration, platform flexibility, faster payments, and higher margins.  IntelliSpeX is a Delaware corporation founded in 2015. The company creates patent-pending productvity technology for the construction and disaster recovery industries.  


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