January 1

IntelliSpeX Files Patent Protection

IntelliSpeX allows stakeholders, managers, and key talent to collaborate in real-time with on-site laborers through Virtual PresenceSM.   Through private “events,” multiple parties are streamlined together to make actionable decisions.  Improved collaboration using IntelliSpeX’s Virtual PresenceSM capability makes providing Evidence of PerformanceSM to stakeholders easier than ever.

IntelliSpeX’s human-like episodic recording of activities and characteristics of each media component creates “memory” of site conditions: where it was, when it happened, who was there, who was interacting, even the weather at the time creating a truly unique ability to interact with site conditions that speeds up decision making.   Enables remote support from trades, provides feedback for on-site work about work progress and methods. No other tool in the industry offers the patent pending data structure that underpins IntelliSpeX.

IntelliSpeX Offers:

  • High-speed customizable data collection
  • Reliable recordation of performance – Evidence of PerformanceSM
  • Real-time and contextual view allowing all stakeholders to participate in both active and after-the-fact conditions without requiring streaming video

These features result in a number of outcomes that drive productivity and quality:

  • Less-skilled labor is able to perform more work
  • High-skilled labor can support more jobs through Virtual Presence
  • Management and skilled staff have increased ability to observe training, alter processes and enable increased automation

The nature of the IntelliSpeX workspace creates iron clad records of who, what, when and where happened at a job site.   Decision making becomes faster, project-issue resolutions are reached more quickly, actions are accelerated by moving more tasks into parallel, costly re-do’s are reduced, and change orders are more transparent and manageable.   

Unlike heavy and often expensive BIMs, IntelliSpeX offers a tool that is lightweight and easy-to-use even for less technologically inclined laborers.  

The IntelliSpeX mobile app has been field-validated with over 5,000 site visits in North America and Puerto Rico.  Users cite ease of use, enhanced safety and security, labor force-multiplication, improved management visibility and collaboration, platform flexibility, faster payments, and higher margins.  IntelliSpeX is a Delaware corporation founded in 2015. The company creates patent-pending productvity technology for the construction and disaster recovery industries.  


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