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Customer Feedback

Tim Tucker


IntelliSpeX can quickly lead to a positive impact to your bottom line by improving the efficiency of your business.

Tim Tucker - CBO, SME

When I showed the client what we could do with IntelliSpeX, I not only got the work I was bidding on, but was written in as a requirement to the contract as well


Mike Urtnowski


IntelliSpex SaaS Platform Features

Every client enjoys a robust complete set of features:

Evidence of Performance

  • Audit trails of all changes to data
  • Address or GPS coordinates
  • Automatic check in and check out for geofenced event / worksite
  • Automated capture of labor / contractor labor onsite
  • User configurable geofence dimensioning
  • Customizable map views per event, per project
  • Unlimited projects
  • All data is compliance tagged with who added, when added, where added and other descriptors

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive icon driven user interface
  • Ruggedized communication features for every worksite
  • Event and project user customization
  • Customizable form features including signature blocks, photos, and typical features
  • User / project manageable closed communication to flatten communications and cut the noise of enterprise wide, project wide interactions. Know what you need to know
  • Predictable, simple data structure provides the simplest integration structure in the industry
  • Create and maintain library of forms and activity templates tailored to your businesses work flows, reporting needs, billing and invoicing demands, labor management requirements, and compliance reporting demands

Smart Teamwork

  • Social communication and notification of added photos, videos, comments, edits, etc.
  • Active map views of users (contractor or employees) onsite. See your team in real-time at the worksite
  • Capture labor load on-site by contractor, by project, by billing code. You decide what matters to you
  • Produce ad hoc pdf reports of completed info tailored by purpose or too the recipient deliverable from the worksite or office
  • Create events from events for before after actions, bids, bid awards, and more
  • Patent pending data structure enables all field data for pivot table analysis -- perfect for business analytics and accounting needs

Virtual Presence℠

  • The industry’s only tool capturing site conditions in context enabling remote team engagement and and situational awareness
  • Multi-user in real--time input for forms, videos, photos and all media

Security and Technical Considerations

  • Meets most cyber security / information security requirements
  • Client manageable security levels
  • Available on android, apple, and most web browsers
  • Predictable, simple data structure provides the simplest integration structure in the industry
  • All data stored on Amazon Web Services with best in class industry infrastructure and security
  • Available on Android, iOS, and major browsers
  • Usable on Apple iPhone 7 or later and most Android phones

Ready to explore how IntelliSpeX can improve your bottom line?

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