Message from the president

Blake D. Ratcliff, Founder, CEO

Dear Clients and Stakeholders:

After years in the construction and disaster recovery industry, I have become acquainted with the challenges, obstacles and pitfalls of maintaining an efficient construction or facilities management business. Documentation, inspection, personnel issues, redos, clawbacks, scope creep…the list goes on.

Having graduated from the United States Naval Academy, my mindset has always been about the mission. So I sought out of a software solution/mobile application that would help me achieve the mission of high productivity, maximum leverage of good people and no mistakes. But instead what I found were overly complicated, cumbersome solutions related to building information management and highly technical project management that made it seem like I was using an atomic bomb to move a tree.

That is why I decided to create IntelliSpex. It was my Instagram answer to a Facebook problem. I needed quick, easy to use, agile solutions to prove to my customers we were getting the job done right and without all of the unnecessary clutter of other solutions. I also needed to leverage our limited high value people and lessen our risks at the same time.

What happened?

IntelliSpex became a tool that not only provides the evidence of performance I needed to show my customers and stakeholders, it helped me sell more business. IntelliSpex became my catalyst to growth, efficiency and leverage. Then it became my focus. See the value efficiencies and business development boost you can get with our mobile app and management console solutions. I am proud to support a growing team that is all about the mission of saving time, reducing risks and helping you grow.

IntelliSpeX, Evidence of Performance

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