Join IntelliSpeX’s Dion Rudnicki, Blake Ratcliff and Scott Kushino on the Service Academy Business Mastermind Podcast with Scott Mackes to discuss how the IntelliSpeX app is creating disruptive technology for the construction industry. 


Key topics in the episode include:

  • How IntelliSpeX is enabling construction managers to save their bottom line by enhancing time and workforce management
  • Feedback from customers
  • Short and long term goals

Check out the podcast here: #85: Creating Disruptive Technology for the Construction Industry with Blake Ratcliff and Scott Kushino, USNA ’84


The IntelliSpeX mobile app has been field-validated with over 5,000 site visits in North America and Puerto Rico.  Users cite ease of use, enhanced safety and security, labor force-multiplication, improved management visibility and collaboration, platform flexibility, faster payments, and higher margins.  IntelliSpeX is a Delaware corporation founded in 2015. The company creates patent-pending productivity technology for the construction and disaster recovery industries.  

Download the App for Android and Apple: