IntelliSpeX: The Mobile Solution

Geolocation and time stamp on all data uploaded or captured.
Benefit: Hold your team accountable and provide evidence of work performed.

Real-time visibility with photos, videos, audio recordings and textual descriptions.
Benefit: Capture information in all phases of your project and provide definite record of performance.

Generate PDF Reports from your device and send to stakeholders instantly.
Benefit: IntelliSpeX PDF Reports are easy to compile and are a visual collaborative record of what happened.

IntelliSpeX: Management Console

The IntelliSpeX Web Server Management Console provides shareholders access anywhere at any time via web browser. 

Benefits: Visibility of projects at all times.

Allows high value personnel to create, manage and run workflows.

Benefits: Your office runs as command central.

Experts, high value resources and administrators work in conjunction with field personnel in real-time or after the fact.

Benefits: IntelliSpeX’s PDF Reports are easy to compile and can be sent on the fly to anyone, whether they have IntelliSpex or not, who needs eyes on the project.

IntelliSpeX: Management Console


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