The Virtual Presence Technology Solution to Time and Workforce Management for Construction, Disaster Recovery, Property Management, Facilities Maintenance and MoreĀ 


Take control of projects without the extra noise of BIM solutions

IntelliSpeX is a Site Performance Tool (SPT) that:

  • Enhances worksite transparency
  • Generates irrefutable, tamper-proof time records
  • Accelerates the billing cycle, and;
  • Facilitates coordination through Virtual Presence Technology

Disaster Relief

Perform work within contract guidelines without slowing the tempo of urgency

IntelliSpeX allows responders to:

  • Work concurrently with one another in real time, regardless of location to ensure objectives are obtained correctly and quickly, every time
  • Track and evidence progress toward cumulative goal in conjunction with grantees, stakeholders, and other relevant parties

Case Studies

Columbia Gas Explosions
Operation Rapid Relight

Customers Rely on us for
Evidence of Performance