The Virtual Presence Technology Solution to Time and Workforce Management for Construction Management and Disaster Recovery


Take control of projects without the extra noise of BIM solutions

IntelliSpeX is a Site Performance Tool (SPT) that:

  • Enhances worksite transparency
  • Generates irrefutable, tamper-proof time records
  • Accelerates the billing cycle, and;
  • Facilitates coordination through Virtual Presence Technology

Disaster Relief

Perform work within contract guidelines without slowing the tempo of urgency

IntelliSpeX allows responders to:

  • Work concurrently with one another in real time, regardless of location to ensure objectives are obtained correctly and quickly, every time
  • Track and evidence progress toward cumulative goal in conjunction with grantees, stakeholders, and other relevant parties

Case Studies

SuperStorm Sandy Disaster Relief
Services – IBTS

Columbia Gas Explosions
Operation Rapid Relight

Customers Rely on us for
Evidence of Performance